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Honoring God Simultaneously

Worthy Of Respect

Receive [Epaphroditus] therefore in the Lord with all gladness, and hold such men in esteem. —Phil. 2:29

Just before kickoff at Super Bowl XLIII,
Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals received the Walter Payton NFL Man
of the Year Award—a tribute given to the player who had best combined
on-field excellence with off-field community service. “I am humbled the
Lord has given me such an amazing life to impact others,” said Warner,
a dedicated Christian. “Of all the awards given to NFL athletes, [this
one] stands out . . . because of what it represents.” It represents a
commitment to giving and sacrificing for others.

Paying homage to
those who serve is not a new concept. Paul spoke of it when he reminded
the Philippians to honor those who gave themselves in serving Christ.
He told them of their friend Epaphroditus, who had nearly died (Phil.
2:30) because of his efforts for Christ in ministering to
others—including the people at Philippi. How should they respond? Paul
said, “Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness, and hold
such men in esteem” (v.29). Clearly, when we think of those who
sacrifice in serving the Savior, they are worthy of our respect and

Why not look for ways to show gratitude to those who have served you spiritually. Give them the honor they deserve.  — Bill Crowder

To honor is to show respect,
To meet another’s need,
To give someone encouragement,
To love in word and deed. —Sper

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