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How Harlem Memorialized Michael Jackson

New Book "Michael Jackson
: The Apollo Memorial"

MichaelJackson, from his earliest age, developed a tremendously demanding work
ethic that enabled him to master his craft, becoming the mega success
he achieved.

Special To The Black Star News
April 6th, 2010


Despite a lengthy life of lyrical creativity, melodic song and
entertainment wizardry pleasing to the mind and soul of all ages; as
well as a humanitarian compassion devoted to healing and helping,
Michael Jackson became a victim of unscrupulousness on part of enabling
individuals and an unrelenting Media consistently portraying him

Equally, and despite his longstanding and enormous
popularity and financial success, some people believed Michael was a
terribly “lonely man.” Never before in history has as gentle and caring
a soul been so unrelentingly victimized in life, that even in death,
such was equally expected because of the negative persona created
around and to discredit Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson, from
his earliest age, developed a tremendously demanding work ethic that
enabled him to master his craft, becoming the mega success he achieved.
Evidence indicates he sold more than 750 million albums; created 18
Number One hit songs; and won 13 Grammy Awards. His song Thriller sold
more than 109 million albums worldwide, all part of an unbelievable
“Body of Work” that a “Time Line” clearly delineates. As such, for his
labors, Michael Jackson was the only person twice inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, first as a member of the Jackson 5 and as a
solo artiste.

In his career, Michael Jackson bridged racial,
cultural, language, religious and geographical divides to bring people
together under the banner of humanitarianism and expressions of love.
He was respected by presidents, princes, prisoners and paupers
reflecting the expansiveness of his influence due to his humanity and
caring nature complimenting his artistic genius.  The Guinness Book of
World Records named Michael Jackson the most prolific, charitable
entertainer ever, contributing to more than 38 charities some $300-500
million dollars. Yet, despite the seemingly unending negative campaign
waged against the superstar in the Media; for many, there was a
magical, mystical, almost mythical significance to this man, seemingly
guided by divine inspiration and intuitive instruction.

Apollo Memorial," by Frederick Monderson, was therefore called to
ensure Michael’s legacy would no longer be tarnished by the unending
negativity that so disfigured his life and person. In some 20 Chapters
interspersing 219 photographs Monderson chronicles and highlights
Michael’s life and achievements and how Harlem celebrated his passing.
As such, "The Apollo Memorial" preserves this unique experience in
memorabilia format allowing posterity to recognize the goodness Michael
Jackson represented and how the community of fans paid tribute for the
wonderful milestones he provided to gladden their numerous rites of

All of this the author seeks to capture in this volume
in Tribute to a man of extraordinary artistry who worked tremendously
hard to optimize his talents and become the very best in his
profession, setting the bar above the rainbow and daring others to even
attempt to reach much more scale it. Nevertheless, in process of his
unspoken challenge, he dared others to do what he did through love,
charity and his trust in humanity, all within the philosophical
constructs of the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man.

About the Author: Monderson is a retired college professor
and school teacher who taught African History in the City University of
New York and American History and Government in the New York public
schools.  He has written more than 800 articles in the New York Black
Press, Daily Challenge, Afro Times and New American newspapers. 

this venture, Monderson lends his expertise as a historian,
Egyptologist,  journalist and author of several books including "Barack
Obama: Ready, Fit to Lead," "Sonny Carson: The Final Triumph," and
several others.

 A student of the esteemed Dr. Yosef ben-Jochannan, Dr. Monderson conducts tours to Egypt.

"Michael Jackson: The Apollo Memorial" is primarily
available from the publisher and will be in bookstores as well as at First Published by SuMon Publishers March 15, 2010, ISBN:
978-0-615-33289-5 LCCN: 22009943114

SuMon Publishers, PO Box 160347, Brooklyn, New York 11216. (718) 564-5635


>>> Michael Jackson: The Apollo Memorial (Volume 1) (Paperback)

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