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FOR “WRAPPED IN L.O.V.E. – The Patchwork Blanket

The deadline to get a patch in your name has
been extended to MAY 28. Only a small number of patches are
still available in the blankets for Prince and Blanket. Get yours now before
it’s too late! This is the last extension, since the blankets will be delivered
to the family in June.


Deadline Extended
for “Wrapped in L.O.V.E., The Patchwork Blanket

Get a patch in your
name in one of four handmade blankets to be delivered to Michael’s mother and

  By popular demand, the May 1
deadline has been extended for fans worldwide to get take part in this
once-in-a-lifetime project for Michael’s family, sponsored by The Michael
Tribute Portrait (
Additional patches are available, but the number is limited. The new deadline is May 9,

Fans are being given the opportunity to take part in the
making of handmade patchwork blankets for Michael’s mother, Katherine, and his
three children. Every participant gets a patch placed in the blanket of their
choice! All of the patches are sewn together to create four beautiful blankets.
You can get a patch in your name in one (or all) of the blankets. Everyone who
gets a patch will have their name on the patch itself, forever. Through the
Tribute’s close connections, the Patchwork Blankets that you help create will be
delivered directly to Katherine and the children, along with a beautiful
registry with your name, username and dot number prominently presented in
handwritten calligraphy. You will also be able to include your own note or
greeting card.

 Get your patch now before it’s too late:



Our Common Threads Joined to Each Other
Come Together As a Worldwide Hug to the Jackson Family

Get Your Patch In A One-Of-A-Kind Patchwork Blanket

For Michael’s Children and His Mother 

We are proud to announce an exciting new project called Wrapped in L.O.V.E. Our dot member Michelle Gold recently presented an idea to us to commemorate the first anniversary of Michael’s passing.

With YOUR participation, we are creating four unique patchwork blanketsone for each of Michael’s children and the fourth for his mother Katherine – which will be presented to them by June 25, 2010. The Tribute has a relationship with the Jackson family and so we will be able to guarantee that they will receive the blankets personally.

only are these blankets special gifts, they are also a way for us to
raise funds for Michael’s Tribute. Apart from some minor expenses, one
hundred percent of the proceeds from this project will be used to
support Michael’s Tribute Portrait and website.

the small price of $20, you will be able to buy a patch, in your name,
in the blanket of your choice. There are only 304 patches available per
blanket, so we have set a limit of one patch per person per blanket.
You may, however, buy a patch in more than one blanket if you choose to.

first name will be beautifully handwritten on your patch by our
talented patchwork volunteers who are making the blankets, and we will
create a registry for each blanket that will include your full name,
dot number, username and what country you are from. These registries
will accompany the blankets when they are presented. Michael’s family
will then have a record of everyone whose patch is sewn into their
particular blanket. You will be able to fill out this information when
you buy your patch from our online
Store on the website.

are also giving everyone who purchases a patch the opportunity to send
a greeting card or note. These will also accompany the blankets and
should be addressed to whoever’s blanket you have purchased a patch in
Prince, Paris, Blanket or Katherine. You can mail your cards and notes to:

Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait
P.O. Box 280174
Northridge, CA 91328

include your full name, dot number, username and which blanket your
patch will be placed in. (Only those cards that have a corresponding
patch ordered will be delivered.)

everyone who gets a patch, you will be given a special Wrapped in
L.O.V.E. Badge, which will be prominently displayed on your profile. We
will also be posting photographs of the finished blankets on the
website and you can add these to your profile as well. This is our gift
to you in thanks for your support of this project for Michael’s mother
and children, the Tribute Portrait and website.

The last day to buy patches will be May 1.
This is to allow our volunteers time to complete the blankets in time
for delivery. Your patch is not placed in the blanket until you order

loved his fans, and through these gifts his children and mother,
Katherine, will see how much we love him back. When they wrap these
soft and warm blankets around them, they will know they are surrounded
by this love from all the fans, which has been sewn together with a Common Thread to give them a Worldwide Hug.
It is also a special opportunity for us to connect to each other
through our patches, as we have through our dots in Michael’s Portrait.

 Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of Wrapped in L.O.V.E.

Visit the tribute’s online Store now.

 Special thanks to…

v     Michelle
Gold, whose wonderful idea made this project possible, and for trusting
me to organize it. Her opinions have been invaluable.

v     Valerie,
our Director of Member Relations, who conceptualized the special
Project Badge and helped by giving her inestimable ideas for the
project every step of the way.

v     Bridgette, for her tireless work in our online Store and for creating the registries that will accompany each blanket.

v     Tribute
Portrait Artist David Ilan, who created the Wrapped in L.O.V.E. Project
Badge based on Valerie’s concept, and has spent many hours behind the
scenes to help make this Project happen.

v   Harlee
Keinzley, a very talented volunteer and calligraphist, who will be
handwriting each entry for our registry books in beautiful and elegant

v      And
to our incredibly talented and experienced patchwork blanket
volunteers, Iris and Lindsay. Thank you for the giving of your time,
designs and material that is creating these special blankets. We are
forever grateful for your gift of love and support.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Valmai Owens, Patchwork Blanket Organizer, at

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