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Today in Michael Jackson HIStory

(AP Photo/Scott Stewart)

– Michael Jackson received a humanitarian award from U.S. President Ronald Reagan at the White House.

Michael Jackson’s visit to the Reagan White House in 1984. "Well, isn’t this a thriller," Reagan began his remarks.

many reporters and White House staff wanted to see Jackson, Reagan said
"I haven’t seen this many people since we left China."

Reagan called Jackson: "one of the most talented, most popular, and most exciting super stars in the music world today."

told Jackson he had a message for him from young folks: "They said to
tell Michael, Please give some TLC to the PYTs." (pretty young things)

also urged Jackson to make Washington part of his next tour. "…we
want you back," said Reagan. (like the song title. I got that one.)

had come to the Reagan White House May 14, 1984, to lend support to the
White House program against drunk driving.

said: "Michael, you’ve made it possible for us to warn millions of
young Americans about the dangers of drinking and driving."

Michael Jackson, the Wounded Messenger 

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