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Before you judge me, try hard to love me…

I’m Right; You Must Be Wrong

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  READ: Luke 6:37-42

Judge not, and you shall not be judged. Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned. —Luke 6:37

My friend Ria admires the great blue
heron’s amazing 6-foot spread of wings and marvels at his majestic
appearance. She welcomes the sight of him gliding in for a landing on a
small island in the middle of the pond near her home.

Now, I can
appreciate that the heron is a marvelous and unique creature. But I
don’t ever want to spot him in my backyard! That’s because I know he
won’t be there just to admire the garden. No, this
not-so-fine-feathered version of persona non grata (someone not welcome) will be checking out our pond for a take-out fish dinner!

am I right? Or is Ria? Why can’t we agree? Different personalities,
history, or knowledge can color people’s views. It doesn’t mean that
one person is right and the other wrong, yet sometimes we can be
unkind, rigid, and judgmental if there is not agreement. I’m not
talking about sin—but just a difference in opinion or perspective. We
need to take care in judging others’ thinking, motives, and actions
because we too desire that kind of benefit of the doubt (Luke 6:37).

we learn from someone who sees things with a different perspective? Do
we need to practice a little patience and love? I’m so grateful that
God is abundantly patient and loving with me.  — Cindy Hess Kasper

You’ve been so patient with us, Lord,
Though we are slow to hear;
Give us the grace to show such love
To those we hold so dear. —K. De Haan

A little L:O:V:E can make a big difference.

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