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Michael’s Guardian: Is Sony Music Suspect?

They gather on social networking sites, message boards and chat sites
to discuss and organize the information they have spent the last eleven
months digging up. The conspiracy theories regarding the murder of
Michael Jackson are no longer theory.

June 3, 2010 – As the year closes on the death of the most successful pop music star in history, many fans have channeled their mourning into
something a little more constructive.

They gather on social networking sites, message boards forums and chat
sites to discuss, share and organize the information they have spent
the last eleven months digging up. The conspiracy theories regarding
the murder of Michael Jackson are no longer just theory. They are
compelling ties of information in some long forgotten battles the pop
star has had with business associates, attorneys and the recording
label he generated billions of dollars for during his 20 years with
Sony (after it bought out CBS and Epic Records).

The story that is unfolding across Twitter, Facebook and chatrooms from
across the world would leave any creative-savvy director drooling for
the rights to make it into a movie. But is it fantasy or are the fans
really on to something?

What started as a simple, single suspect in Jackson’s death has grown
into an international, multi-teamed investigation that has turned up
motive that ensnares ex-Jackson employees, business managers,
attorneys, financiers and multi-national corporations; one of them
being the last label for which Jackson recorded. Sony Music Corporation.

Those unfamiliar with Jackson’s battles with Sony would have to become
educated with the struggle Jackson had back in 2002 with his last
original album, “Invincible”. His wrangling with Tommy Mottola, then
head of Sony, made headlines. Jackson accused Mottola of being a
“racist” and a “devil” during a speech he made at a press conference
held by Reverend Al Sharpton over the treatment of black artists by the
recording industry. Things went downhill from there.

Prancing over the Facebook pages of Jackson support groups, you can
find diagrams of inter-business relationships around Jackson during his
last seven years, compelling graphs and time lines of intersecting
events amongst thousands of pictures of Michael Jackson. What is
striking is that as this has been building since the death of the
singer last year, nary a word has been mentioned in the press. Even
live U-Stream interviews with various members of the Jackson Camp has
drawn little attention. The fans want to know why, but believe they
already know.

Web sites such as,, and blog sites such as, are compiling a case
that the L.A.P.D. should be investigating, but aren’t. A case
surrounding information few outside of Jackson fanhood know about: The struggle between Michael and Sony over ownership of a multi-billion dollar music catalog.

Michael and Sony shared 50% of this catalog after Michael sold half of
his ownership to Sony in 1995. This is the same catalog that comprised
of about 250 of the “Beatles” songs, “Little Richard” and others. Back
in 2002, Michael went public with Sony’s attempt to sabotage his album
“Invincible” to force him into bankruptcy to get him to put his 50% up
for sale. The following year, a damaging documentary about Michael
Jackson made by a BBC employee, Martin Bashir, surfaced and
investigations into alleged child abuse from Jackson began.

The investigations made by fans all over the world is compelling. The
linkage of personal business relationships, conflicts of interest,
politically motivated corruption in the California justice department,
Payoffs and campaign favors, a forged will, a planned murder, a concert
promoter and the media itself have been documented and linked. If you
ever want to solve a case, ask a fan of the victim.

What incentive do Jackson fans have, to pour what one fan posted “eight
to ten hour days” investigating business and tax records, campaign
contributions and interviews?

“It’s all for love . . .” Is posted all over the boards.

Regardless of the sensationalism of the story unfolding, fans are
frustrated. They are frustrated because they feel that Michael Jackson,
is again, not being treated fairly by the justice system in L.A.
County. The fans believe that Dr. Conrad Murray was treated much better
for murdering Michael, then Michael was treated for a crime he did not
commit. They cite the case of Richard Fine as proof that Michael’s
murderer will never get justice.

Is Sony Suspect? Was Michael Jackson murdered over the multi-billion
dollar value of MiJac and Sony/ATV music catalogs? Did L.A. County
have incentive to charge Michael’s doctor with only involuntary
manslaughter instead of murder? Are campaigns in L.A. County being paid
for by multi-national corporations tied to Michael Jackson to throw the
investigation? Did AEG, Michael’s concert promoter conspire with Sony
and Michael’s estate handlers to profit from Michael’s death before he
even died?

If that is what happened, the state of California should be embarrassed
that fans are handling the investigation better than they are.

If that is not what happened, it would sure make an excellent movie!

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