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“We Had Him” by Maya Angelou

Michael Jackson Tribute Poem, “We Had

Recited For the First Time by Legendary Author Maya

Los Angeles, California – The Michael
Jackson Tribute Portrait has released rare footage of Maya Angelou reciting “We
Had Him,” the poem she wrote for Michael Jackson at the time of his passing. The
reading of this beautiful and powerful poem was staged exclusively for The Michael Jackson
Tribute Portrait as a gift to fans worldwide on the occasion of the one year
anniversary of Michael’s passing.

This beautiful and powerful poem was first read at the
Staples Center Memorial one year ago by Queen Latifah, but it has never been
read for the public by the poem’s author, Dr. Angelou, herself … until now!

When Dr. Angelou recently heard about The Michael
Jackson Tribute Portrait (a one-of-a-kind, interactive work of art made from
hand drawn dots – one dot = one
), she contacted artist David Ilan to express how much she loved
it. She invited him to
her home in Winston-Salem ,
North Carolina , so she could
endorse the tribute and make an announcement to fans worldwide to commemorate
the one year anniversary by getting their free dots in Michael’s Tribute
Portrait. The Monday before the July 25 one year anniversary, David Ilan
traveled to Dr. Angelou’s home from
with Michael’s

In a prestigious and touching ceremony, Dr. Angelou was
presented with a dot in her name next to Michael’s dot in the portrait. This is
the area of the portrait reserved for family and friends. She spoke about
Michael in front of the Tribute cameras and, as a gift to the Tribute and to
fans around the globe, she recited her poem “We Had Him.” This is the first and only time Dr. Angelou has
recited her poem for the public.

The video of Dr. Angelou reciting her poem for Michael
has just been released on YouTube. The announcement of its release was made
simultaneously to Michael’s fan clubs around the


In this never-before-seen video, Maya Angelou states, “I
don’t believe that Michael would be surprised to find this gigantic tribute, the
largest in the world. I think he would be delighted, I think he would feel
humbled, I think he would be humbly over the moon to know about this tribute,
but I don’t think he would be surprised.”

Jerry Biederman, the Co-founder and Executive Producer
of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait said, “It is our goal to have this great
video be seen by every person on the planet who loves Michael Jackson. You can
help us by sharing this far and wide to your friends, on Facebook, MySpace,
Twitter … you name it. It starts with us, and with luck and faith, this video
will travel the globe many times over for generations to come! Michael’s legacy
is in our hands.”

To get YOUR dot, go to

 * * *

Jerry Biederman
Co-founder /
Executive Producer
The Michael Jackson Tribute


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