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Michael Jackson chooses Director Kenny Ortega for THIS IS IT Concerts

Michael Jackson: King Of Pop

Kenny Ortega Announced As Show Director
May 12th, 2009

streets of Hollywood are buzzing; Michael-mania is in full
swing 5,500 miles away from The O2 arena – the home of his historic 50
concerts this summer.

Kenny Ortega, the renowned Director, Producer, Choreographer and creative
talent is hard at work collaborating with Michael Jackson in the
overall design and direction for the upcoming ‘This Is It’ concert
Ortega previously worked on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous and HIStory tours, some of the most spectacular shows ever staged.

week, thousands of dancers flew in from every corner of the globe
including Japan, Australia, South America and Europe to audition for
Jackson and Ortega – all of them were chasing their dream of winning a
spot to perform on stage with their idol Michael Jackson.

after the selection process narrowed the competition from thousands of
submissions to over five hundred top international dancers, there was
still no dance space large enough in Los Angeles or New York to house
the auditions.
producers ended up booking LA’s Nokia Theatre LA LIVE, part of the site
where the Grammy Awards are held each year, to handle the unprecedented
numbers of performers who flocked to these auditions.

having once been in partnership with Gene Kelly, is most recently known
for his work as the Director and Choreographer of Disney’s, High School
Musical 1, 2 & 3.
also Produced and Directed the Barbra Streisand’s Millennium concert
tour and is a two time Emmy award winner for his work as Director and
Choreographer of the 2002 Winter Olympics opening and closing
ceremonies in Salt Lake City, Utah.

receiving the phone call from Michael to lead the team, Ortega said,
"My answer was without a beat nothing could keep me away.
with Michael on the Dangerous and HIStory tours were two of the
greatest creative experiences of my life, to be invited to partner with
him again is a dream come true.
with Michael is always a true and full partnership, he is a creative
mastermind, he assembles top professionals to lead his team and then
inspires each and every one of us to climb to new places, break out of
the box and conquer new challenges.
He is the most significant artist and entertainer of our generation.”

"This Is
It" is a spectacular concert experience incorporating iconic Jackson
songs and choreography mixed with original new works.
Ortega says, "Our show goals are to create more than a concert but a
complete theatrical musical experience with a dynamic balance that
features Jackson in production both spectacular and intimate settings.
stage set, choreography, costumes, lighting, effects and overall
production will be of the highest standard and pushing the state of the

Michael is dedicated to every detail and aspect of the show working closely with his creative and talented production team.
He is “tremendously excited” about sharing his stage show with hundreds of thousands of fans this summer in London.

Ortega goes on to say, "It has been over a decade since Michael and I worked on the HIStory tour together.
We had been in discussion in the last couple of years about finding a new project to work on.  When I got the call to join him for these concerts I was in-between gigs, catching my breath.  I had just finished a World Press tour for High School Musical and was about to start a new film.  In accepting the invitation I had to move a few mountains to clear my schedule, but I’m thrilled to say I’m fully on board.”

Casting is in final stages for dancers and the band.
dedication, passion and determination of these performers, who are all
personally inspired by Michael Jackson brings an unprecedented
intensity to the stage.
Jackson, The King of Pop, has influenced a generation of performers
through his music, dance and stage shows impacting an art form.

This week with rehearsals in full swing the impossible has become
possible as details to this complex and dramatic show are being put
And when moments get intense and exciting in rehearsals an age-old British tradition has been adopted – a tea break!

Ortega adds, "I go to work each day with a huge sense of joy just knowing what is in store. Michael, the team and I will hash out a creative idea, we’re ready to implement it and Michael will say let’s sleep on it.  The next day he is back in studio raising the bar to the next level and pushing us further for greater dynamic results.”

Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG
Live, commented, "The unprecedented demand for these shows turned
public on a normal salt into a cultural phenomenon and pushed the
boundaries by which we measure success.
  Michael and Kenny are creating an
Escapist adventure that will take the audience on an entertainment
experience only imagined in dreams or big budget motion pictures.
This is the perfect pairing on unique creative talents with the greatest repertoire in contemporary music.”

concludes, "I am looking forward to the creative days ahead as we build
a Michael Jackson experience like no other, and to ultimately arriving
at The O2 – a magnificent venue and a worldly place.
  I am
thrilled to be a part of the team that once again is bringing Michael
Jackson, the greatest entertainer of our generation, back to the stage
and into the light and love of his devoted fans. "

By the end of the 50 concerts, 1 million fans will have witnessed one of the greatest musical events in history.  This
will be the last chance to see the King of Pop in London in what will
be a historic stage show, and once in a lifetime concert experience –
this really is it!

Note To EditorsOne of the world’s most popular
entertainers, Michael Jackson has sold over 750 million units worldwide
and is one of the very few artists to be twice inducted into the U.S.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  The Guinness Book of World Records
has recognized Michael Jackson as the Most Successful Entertainer of
All Time and Thriller as The Biggest Selling Album of All Time. Jackson won 13 Grammy Awards and received the American Music Award’s Artist of the Century Award.

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” 50 concerts sold out in a matter of hours on March 13th smashing box office records.

Production Team Includes: Production Team Includes:

· Kenny Ortega, Producer / Director

· Michael Cotton, Production Designer

· Patrick Woodroffe, Lighting Designer


Video / Photos: THIS IS IT! Auditions & Rehearsal

Kenny Ortega: "This Is It"

The King of Pop is recession-proof

Entertainonomics: Is Recession Just a Myth?
Bhuwan Thapaliya (Bhuwan)

The very fact that more than 750,000 tickets were sold out in 4 hours
testifies the man’s greatness as the most influential musical icon in
the entire history of the Pop.

Michael Jackson sold out 50 planned concerts at London’s 02 Arena for his historic comeback concerts in July and next January.

"The shows will start on July 8 and run through September before
resuming in January and February of 2010," according to the media

"The 50-year-old ‘King of Pop‘ will play the 20,000-seat venue near
Docklands. The 02 has hosted comebacks by artists such as Prince, who
staged 21 concerts, and was the venue of the Led Zeppelin reunion in
2007," according to the report published by the Bloomberg.

People all over the world are very skeptical about spending and the
consumer demand has deteriorated a lot, but it seems that Recession is
not having any effect on Michael Jackson’s fans. Michael Jackson is

Governments all over the world are fighting hard to revive their
economy. The World Bank has already forecasted that 2009 will be the
worst year for the global economy and economic forecasts suggest that
the solution is not just around the corner.

Considering so, nobody and not even Jackson, who has sold more than 750
million records and won 13 Grammy Awards, would have thought that his
750,000 tickets would be sold out in 4 hours.

But it did and the king of pop whose last series of concerts was the
History Tour way back in 1996-1997 is all set to take the musical world
by storm.

"Is recession just a myth?"

We are forced to ask this question after the enormous monetary craze
shown towards Michael Jackson’s expensive concert in England, a nation
said to be hard hit by Recession.

750,000 tickets were sold and they say that the world is in recession.
And then you may have scratched your head thousand times and said, "How
it happened, how the concert tickets were sold out in such a little

A hard fact to digest, isn’t it? But it would be a sign that the world has understood what it is to be a great entertainer.

One irony though, these people are spending so much to see Michael
Jackson but why aren’t they spending a little more to boost consumer
demand and revive their economy.

Perhaps, they believe more in Jackson and in his entertaining power than their belief in their economy and its stability.

Maybe the Michael Jackson concert will have a spillover effect and at least give some boost to the faltering British economy.

Let us hope for the best. Hail! Entertainonomics.


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Video: Asa auditions for American Idol singing a Michael Jackson song…

“Portrait of the King”

Michael Jackson and his music have been culturally prominent throughout the world for four decades.

Dong-hyun, who is known for his unique and unconventional art, has
devoted an entire exhibition to the man he calls the “king of pop, rock
and soul” in his latest exhibition, which is fittingly titled “Portrait
of the King.”

The 28-year-old artist, who is trained in traditional Korean painting, uses painting methods on hanji, Korean paper
often made out of mulberry, to create various images of Michael Jackson
ranging from his Jackson 5 days to more current images.

“The public loved Michael Jackson right from the start of his career because he has such a beautiful singing voice,” Son said.

The paintings contain portrait-styled images of Jackson in various sitting positions.  Upon closer inspection, you can notice the change in the chair that Jackson is sitting on.  “The
artist has chosen the year 1989 as the turning point in Jackson’s
career,” said Han Seung-hee, a member of staff at Gallery 2.  “Portraits of his earlier years show Jackson sitting on Joseon Dynasty era chairs for kings in waiting,” Han added.  The post-1989 portraits have Jackson sitting on red thrones with gold trim used by Joseon-era kings.

The significance of the year 1989 derives from an Artist of the Decade awards ceremony.  The film star Elizabeth Taylor announced at the ceremony that the winner, Michael Jackson, was the “King of Pop, Rock and Soul.”

Donghyun Son

Michael Jackson is still pulling crowds in Houston

A friend of mine told me  that she witnessed a similar scenerio at a Best Buy in Metro ATL, GA, only the video was playing on ALL of the TV’s.  That’s why he’s the  King of Pop!  Perhaps it’s an intentional (clever) promo. (smiles) 


that time of the year when lots of busy people are out and about
looking to buy Christmas gifts. One of the places I stopped on Saturday
was Fry’s Electronics in Houston. As I entered the store I heard a
familiar song blasting through the building. It was Michael Jackson‘s
Smooth Criminal. His greatest hits videos were being played on a big
screen television in the middle of store.

But what I noticed were all
the people who stopped shopping and just watched the videos. At times
more than a dozen people were gathered around watching Michael do the
Moonwalk or several other signature moves. Some were bobbing their
heads and others smiling with excitement as if they were seeing these
videos for the first time.

It was strange to see so many people
embracing the entertainer’s music as if it were new…

I guess great art and great music
will endure despite the adversity of the artist. And did I mention just
how diverse the crowd of onlookers were. Black, White, Hispanic, young,
old, male and female. Way to go Mike in 2008!

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8:28 AM 
Sunday, December 07, 2008
Isiah Carey is a news reporter at the local FOX owned and operated station in Houston, Tx.

Photos: MJ Out & about in L.A.